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Our Investment Philosopy

Our investment philosophy is predicated on using fundamental and quantitative data to establish productive investment themes. We research the price discovery, supply and demand, and the momentum behind each asset class, and then pursue the strongest ideas within the context of our risk management policy. We also evaluate asset classes based on mean reversion of trend analysis.

Client Centered

Our overarching goal is always to help our clients make informed decisions with their money. And because the wisdom of any financial decision is dictated in part by each investor’s distinct values and goals, we begin our work by conducting a comprehensive assessment of each client's current financial situation, future aspirations and personal preferences. This information informs our initial quantitative analysis, helping us to identify optimal rates of return and anticipated risk levels. From there, we develop and recommend strategies designed to optimize the return of the portfolio while achieving the client's goals.

Once implemented, our portfolios are closely monitored for performance to ensure they remain on track with clients' long-term goals. We speak with each client on a regular basis to discuss performance, answer questions and make any adjustments necessary. We have found this consistent communication to be essential for clients to reap the rewards of a disciplined long-term approach.